Building of the replica

Another important distinction was won by the company FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. with the awarding of the Pinnacle Award for the project Victory of Samothrace.

Handcurving of the details

The Natural Stone Institute (NSI) announced the winners of the Pinnacle Awards 2020. Among them is the company FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. who received the award for creating a replica for the work of art "the Victory of Samothrace". This is the second time in a row that the company FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. has been awarded, as in 2019 it was awarded for the project RAMZAN KADYROV Mosque in the city of Shali, in Chechnya, which is a federal subject of Russia.

As an homage to our ancient ancestors and the unique beauty they created first, company FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. had the honour to replicate of the statue “Nike of Samothrace” statue, also known as “Winged Victory of Samothrace”. The statue will be donated by the company to the Municipality of Samothrace island (eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece). The replica will be displayed at the local museum.

This statue is the second one made by company FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A., the first had been donated to the Municipality of Alexandroupolis (eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece), where it is displayed at a certain point in Alexandroupolis, facing with a “symbolic orientation” the island of Samothrace while, this second one will "look” in the direction of the Louvre museum, so as to demonstrate the constant demand of Greece for the return of the Nike to its rightful home.

The replica has been elaborated in the thassian marble PRINOS, which can be found only in the small Greek island of Thassos, which is known through the centuries for its sparkling and pure white marble. The rareness of this all white marble was challenging, given the fact that FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. wanted to elaborate the statue in one piece. The statue is supported by a marble base, which has been left from the original block in order to support the statues static, while the overall weight is ~5,5 Tons. The one-to-one replica has been elaborated according to the effigy provided by the Louvre museum in Paris, where the original is displayed since 1884.

Having been sculptured over two months by state of the art robotic machinery, the statue got its careful finish by hand and specialized sculptors, at FHL I. KIRIAKIDIS MARBLES – GRANITES S.A. facilities in Drama, Greece.

Within 2021 this breath-taking sculpture is about to be delivered to its final destination, the island of Samothrace.

The awards are given for works that are distinguished for their beauty, creativity, authenticity and craftsmanship as an example of professional mastery in the use of natural stone. The highest award, the Grande Pinnacle, will be announced during the awards ceremony at TISE in June 2021, with a major sponsor, Marmomac.